National Digitisation Review

  National Digitisation ReviewI recently completed a piece of work for Research Libraries UK on the ideas and options associated under the broad title of the National Digitisation Review. RLUK published the report recently and I’d be happy to receive comments, suggestions and further ideas on this important area of continuing development for libraries. There […]

What might we not know?

Much has been achieved in the attempt to bring the world’s manuscript and incunabula collections online. Millions of dollars have already been spent on digitisation projects and related activity, and for the most part, with considerable positive impact on public access, scholarship and research. One of the earliest major initiatives was ‘Project Gutenberg’ in the […]

The British Library and UK Higher Education

Changing landscapes The British Library operates many services that support the Higher Education sector. It now works in a financial climate that is likely to alter fundamentally within the next three to five years as teaching funding for the arts and humanities begins to affect students’ decisions to progress with postgraduate degrees. The student population […]

Stars of Page and Screen

I have been working on an idea concerning the sociology of libraries over the last few weeks. John B. Thompson, Professor of Sociology at Cambridge University, published a book recently, called Merchants of Culture. It is the most important modern work on the publishing industry and follows his equally essential Books in the Digital Age. […]